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List management

If you are the kind of person like me, who don’t go to the same supermarket every time, you need more than one grocery shopping list. TuLista helps us with its multi-list functionality.

You could create a new and empty list, or your could duplicate a previous list so you will start with products and prices that you have created before in TuLista.

To do that we will use the  List management section.


List management allows you to create new empty lists. To do this, simply enter the name and click on the create button.

To duplicate a list, click the first of three icons (beginning from the left) of the desired list.

To edit the name, press the pencil icon.

And for share, and more options, click the icon with the tree dots.

What is TuLista?

TuLista is a shopping list application developed for Android that help you to manage your grocery shopping list as well as other list. TuLista is compose by to main screens or panels: the current list and the product history.

Now do a fast review of the functionality of them.

Current List panel

Panel with products

In the current list you see the products that you are selected for the current shopping.

You can tap over the name to mark it as bought, so it is moved to the final of the list and its name is crossed.

To update the price, you tap on the box at the right of the product line. If you want to update the amount, you have just to tap on box at the left.

Product History panel

The Product history panel show the products that you have added to the current list at any time. At the beginning it only contains the default list.

To compose your current list you only have to tap over them or create a new one. The more you tap the more units you add. If you prefer, you can tap on the unit number to change the amount that you have added.

Each product added is mark with green in the color theme.

If you want, you can change the price here just tapping on the right box.

History panel

If you don’t have TuLista yet, go to Google play and download it to your phone:

Link to Google play